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Solving your scaling issues and delivering
water at its optimum state for best hydration and quality.

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Ayus commercial and industrial water treatment with <33 Technology.
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The Problem

Hard water scale causes serious issues with plumbing infrastructure, equipment and processes.

De-hydration and low-hydration is one of the most underestimated conditions in both human and animal health, performance, concentration and overall wellbeing.

Medium To Hard Water

Medium to hard water scale deposits cause serious issues and problems in plumbing infrastructure to pipes, heat exchangers and equipment. As water loses the ability to keep ions in solution, calcium and carbonate ions collide and start the formation of microscopic crystals which ultimately deposit on plumbing infrastructure and equipment.

To date, water treatment has largely been done by ion exchange with “salt” systems that remove minerals and replace them with salt. This, of course just replaces one problem with a different one, significantly affecting the quality of water.

Soft Water

Low mineral content makes water aggressive, causing pre-mature corrosion of pipes and equipment.

Insufficient Hydration Properties

Dehydration can have severe impact on the heart, muscles, blood volume and cognitive functions. We have all heard that dehydration is a condition to be avoided. Water is hugely important and vital for the majority of bodily functions.

Water, that is a main constituent of blood, helps in dissipation of heat as well as in delivery of oxygen and nutrients plus it is vital for the removal of waste products from cells.

During dehydration the heart is forced to work harder to help improve the body’s ability to cool itself. Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in.

During body warming water continuously moves out of the body’s individual cells, and eventually out of the body as water vapour through breathing, as well as in sweat and urine. If this water is not replaced through drinking, the body can begin to lose its ability to function normally.

The Ayus Solution

Ayus water treatment improves water:

Reducing issues with scale and corrosion

Ayus water treatment devices are embedded with <33 Technology for non-chemical water conditioning. Delivering superior hydration properties (processes and when consumed)

By increasing the solubility of water, calcium and carbonate ions are held in solution eliminating the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (scale).

This is achieved by increasing the thermodynamic properties of water – bringing the water to a higher energetic state.

After 30 wash cycles without / with Ayus Technology

water scale and corrosion water scale and corrosion prevention with Ayus

Heating coil without / with Ayus Technology

The Benefits


Improved solubility reduces detergent usage, better cleaning and rinsing ability.


Increased life of equipment, in some cases by almost double.


Improvement in processes of virtual anything where water is used.

Energy Savings

Calcium deposits from water insulates heat exchanges (heating water or cooling). Insulated heat exchanges need more energy to be effective.

Increased Solubility - Anti Scaling

This higher energetic state allows water to hold scale ions in solution and not form calcium carbonate scale deposits.

Calcium ion activity is significantly reduced when water is conditioned with <33. It makes “hard” water act like “soft” water due to the change in the thermodynamics of solvating ions & molecules. Water makes and breaks bonds when solvating dissolved ions & molecules.

Superior Hydration Properties

Additionally, the water quality is significantly improved delivering superior hydration as shown in a double-blind randomized cross-over clinical hydration study.

Not only did <33 treated water improve hydration it decreased the extend of dehydration in athletes and in close to 90% prevented dehydration.

  • <33 improves how water flows across cell membranes
  • Delivers superior hydration
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Increases bioavailability of minerals and trace elements

Satisfied Clients

The equipment looks brand-new with no maintenance a year after installing Ayus where we would normally need to remove scale twice a month. We recommend Ayus to anyone wants to save money on equipment maintenance and energy costs associated with water and the minerals deposits from it.

Sheraton HotelSheraton Chicago, USA

Before Ayus, de-scaling with chemicals was necessary as the hardness of the deposits was super rigid and dense. Our PM would require 30 man hours for each tower. This equated to 60 man-hour's a month.

Since the installation of the AYUS device, the build-up on the fill material is of a completely different composition. The PM process has been shortened as a simple power wash of the fill is enough to remove and deposits without descaling agents.

Tim Cashman, Facility Operations ManagerGSA – US Government Public Building Service, San Diego

We were introduced to Ayus during construction of two Holiday Inn Express Hotels in Calgary market area. We were surprised by the comments of our staff. Less laundry detergent is needed, less chlorine is needed in the pool and our energy bill was less. We recommend Ayus for anyone who manages or owns a hotel.

Brian Ostrander, PresidentHoliday Inn Express, Strathmore, AA

Remarkable difference in scale deposits compared to systems without Ayus.

Fairmont HotelBanff Springs Hotel, CA

After only 30 days we saw such a difference we ordered Ayus devices for all our boilers.

ViterraWorldwide Livestock Feed Processing, CA

Not only has the scaling been stopped; almost all the deposits on the inner side of the pipe have disappeared. The rough surface of the cast iron, caused by corrosion over the years, can now be seen. That definitely was not possible before installing Ayus.

Lenzing 南京市Nanjing Viscose Fibre, China

50% of the mountain’s energy costs are consumed by snowmaking. An Ayus activation device was installed on Whistler’s snowmaking machine, which atomizes the water better, resulting in smaller crystals that freeze faster. This means more snow per hour and faster coverage using less energy.

Art DeJong, Chief Environmental StewardIntrawest, USA