The Ayus TEchnology

Perfect Water

Ayus water treatment devices are embedded with
<33 Technology for non-chemical water conditioning.

Water is the most important ingredient to life and necessary beyond anything else to sustain it. The quality and state of the water we consume directly reflects our wellbeing!


<33 Technology is a passive antenna, not unlike an RFID device (key fob, door access card). <33 devices are embedded with specific, beneficial energy patterns.

They are continuously powered and activated by atmospheric wave energies that vibrate at and below 33Hz, thus eliminating the need for power or batteries.

Scientifically Proven

Superior Hydration

A double-blind, randomized cross-over clinical hydration study showed that drinking <33 treated water decreased the extent of dehydration in athletes and in 87% prevented dehydration.

Calcium Ion Activity

University Laboratory Study shows <33 treatment reduces calcium ion activity in water by almost 40%.

Solubility & Solvation

University Laboratory Study shows <33 treated water results in increased solubility, therefore improving the solvation.

Cell Health

University Study demonstrates the effect of <33 treatment on cells performed on frog oocytes (unfertilized egg cells).
Oocytes incepted in treated water for 5 consecutive days showed a significant difference in the membrane potentials of oocytes when compared with oocytes in the ‘control’ group.