Ayus Applications

Perfect Water

Ayus commercial and industrial water treatment
with <33 Technology. Perfect for your business.

Commercial use

Hotels, Restaurants,
Highrise / Industrial Buildings,
Cooling Towers

Water is the most important ingredient to life and necessary beyond anything else to sustain it. The quality and state of the water we consume directly reflects our wellbeing!

The benefits are multifold as <33 Technology delivers best quality water directly affecting the quality of water-based beverages (i.e. coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.), food preparation as well impacting the water quality in hotel rooms (i.e. shower experience).

hard water treatment and prevention for commercial applications and hotels

Wellbeing - Hydration

Best quality drinking water improves hydration and overall wellbeing. It also improves shower experiences, pool and hot tub water quality and overall feel.

Energetic State - Scaling

The energetic state of the water directly affects its performance and interaction with everything from heat exchangers, plumbing infrastructure, equipment lifespan and chemical use as well as labour costs.


Calcium deposits from water insulates heat exchangers (water heating and cooling applications).


Calcium build up and corrosion. Calcium and corrosion significantly reduce the service life of essential equipment.


Regular maintenance needed to clean, repair, and de-scale equipment.


Hard water requires more chemicals and detergent.

Industrial Use

Agriculture, Farming

Water is a critical and the forgotten nutrient in animal health. The quality and energetic state of water critically affects animal health, metabolism, animal growth, feed absorbance, and productivity.

Dairy Farms

Adequate and best hydration are hugely important to the health of dairy cows and it directly effects milk production and quality.


Water quality, as well as quantity, may affect feed consumption and animal health since poor water quality will normally result in reduced water and feed consumption.

When evaluating water quality for livestock, consider whether livestock performance will be affected; whether water could serve as a carrier to spread diseases; and if the acceptability or safety of animal products for human consumption will be affected.
REF: Ohio State University

hard water treatment and prevention for farming and agriculture


Water is a critical, but often overlooked, nutrient. Animals can survive longer without food than they can without water. Water is involved in every aspect of animal metabolism. It plays an important role in regulating body temperature, digesting food, and eliminating wastes.

At normal temperatures, chickens typically consume twice as much water as feed. During periods of high temperature, water consumption can double or quadruple. To remain healthy, poultry flocks require water of adequate quality and quantity.

Pigs / Swine

Water is a key ingredient for every organism; thus, also for pigs. Water is in fact the most important nutrient consumed by the pig during its lifetime. Pigs require water for various reasons.

Water controls metabolic functions, adjusts body temperature, transports nutrients to body tissues, removes metabolic waste, promotes the production of milk and, of course, contributes to growth and production. It is therefore no surprise that readily available clean fresh water is essential for the health and welfare of pigs.